An online natural wine platform created as a joint venture between Pizza Pizza and Berlin-based wine importers. Rethinking the way people buy and discover wine online. Ongoing project.

My role: Branding, User Interface

Case Study

Laid back but sophisticated

We wanted to position the brand as “laid back but sophisticated“ manifested in different facets of the brand. Showing a relaxed attitude but being precise and smart when necessary.

By introducing a handwritten, bubbly and slightly naïve wordmark and a kitsch but friendly colour palette we put emphasis on the approachable dimension of the brand. The typographic concept consisting of two counterparting typefaces serves as a bridge between the sensual dimension of the branding and the more functional one.

DIY photography

To clearly differentiate from the conventional wine industry the photography means to capture unrefined impressions of the people and lifestyle of the world of natural wine. This DIY approach allows us to shoot all the product photos right in the storage and establish super-effective workflows.

Skin Contact Video Subtitle Test

A new way of discovering wine

A complex a tag system which helps users navigate the wine selection. Depending on wine they already know and like or taste profiles they are into they can use that as a starting point and go explore the complex world of wine. Compared to the competitors this is a unique way in browsing the website, therefore the tags deliberately become a major element of the visual design.

The story so far

Designing and iterating on the brand and website is just a small part of this project. A large portion of work is keeping track of inventory, customer service, shipping orders and a million other tiny executional to-dos. Based on our small but loyal customer’s feedback and the business strategy we keep on iterating on the brand and product.