Mark Randel started his own practice after working with David Chipperfield Architects as a Partner and Design Director for 23 years. The website and visual identity reflects his understanding of architecture.

My role: User Interface, Visual Identity

Case Study

A reduced and calm visual identity

Mark Randel’s architectural approach focusses on the essential elements and reduces every project to a minimum of materials. While not being brutalist or cold but calm and effortless. The visual identity reflects this.

Communicating an impressive career in a humble way

For the newly found studio’s website we had to rethink how an architectural practice website works. While Mark Randel has a long (very long indeed) list of projects he didn’t want to show them on the website to clearly differentiate from his time at David Chipperfield. That’s why we focussed on manifesting his approach to architecture in a single one-pager which ends by actually showing that very long list of projects.

Refined print applications helping to win new business

After the initial projects of designing the visual identity and website Mark Randel asked us to come up with the concept for presentation booklets which helped the studio win it’s first major project. Following this we started working on a studio publications which will be released in 2020, aiming to create new business.

An ongoing partnership to further elevate the business

Following the success of the initial projects the relationship with Mark Randel emerged into an ongoing partnernship aiming the get the business to the next stage.