Online shop for the renowned concept store VooStore, aiming to bring the physical experience to the digital space. Designed as a calm destination for customers to browse, find inspiration – and buy clothes.

My role: Branding, User Interface

Case Study

The joy of browsing

VooStore consider themselves a tastemaker. People visit their physical store to get inspired and find out about the latest releases by the big luxury brands as well as up and coming labels. Disregarding conventional shopping patterns we designed the online shop as a counterpart to the physical store – a calm space, making discovering new brands and browsing the shop’s products an enjoyable experience.

Falling in love with a product

On desktop product information is only shown on hover, allowing customers to fall for a product, regardless of brand and price. Inspirational outfit shots break up category pages giving more room to styling in order to highlight certain products and support cross-category user flows. The product detail view is an immersive experience, using full-bleed imagery helps customers become attached to, and understand, the product.

Editorial-like experiences

Making the most of the lookbooks shot by the in-house creative team we created an editorial-like experience. Making browsing an enjoyable experience and combing content with commerce.

Immediate results

The eCommerce store was able to attract a global customer base, with orders from outside of Germany making up around 65% of the revenue (Europe, Asia and U.S.). Due to high share returning customers and direct type-ins eCommerce revenue went up around 25% year-over-year while marketing expenses remained constant.